11. Work Hard, Stay Consistent, and Be Thankful: A Thanksgiving Story of Resilience

Nov 23, 2023

- In this episode of The Michael J. MacDonald Show, host Michael J. MacDonald reflects on gratitude and the importance of being thankful.

- Michael shares his personal journey as an entrepreneur and the challenges he faced when his business declined, emphasizing the need for hard work and consistency.

- He discusses the significance of appreciating the present moment, highlighting the importance of health, family, and financial stability.

- Michael opens up about his past experiences and the lessons he learned about budgeting and making better financial decisions.

- He encourages viewers to visualize their ideal lives and believe in their ability to achieve it.

- The host also promotes his merchandise sale at www.earnyourleisure.com and urges viewers to visit www.eyluniversity.com for a special offer on educational classes.

- Join Michael J. MacDonald on his journey as he builds his brand and shares his life experiences in real-time, with the goal of inspiring and motivating his audience.

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00:00 intro

00:49 No notes, talking about Thanksgiving, thankfulness, progress.

03:48 Fiancé organized house and decorated, much appreciated.

08:32 Can you cash app or Zell me?

12:10 Translating knowledge to audience; Target's significant role.

15:27 Believe, visualize, work, and achieve your vision.

17:12 Subscribe, believe, eat, gym, Ernieleega.com, merch, Black Friday.

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