37. How to Improve Audio Quality Using Your iPhone

Dec 19, 2023

Starting a podcast can be an exciting endeavor, but many aspiring podcasters are concerned about the costs associated with creating high-quality audio. In this blog post, we'll explore a game-changing hack that allows you to use your iPhone to achieve studio-quality audio for your podcast without breaking the bank. We'll delve into insights shared by Michael J. MacDonald in a recent podcast episode, where he discussed leveraging technology and a special app to enhance the audio quality of recordings made on a smartphone. Let's discover the step-by-step process and valuable tips that can elevate the auditory experience of your podcast.

Listening to Your Audience

MacDonald emphasizes the importance of listening to your audience and leveraging data analytics to optimize your podcast release schedule. By analyzing his audience's engagement patterns, he determined the optimal release time for his episodes. This underscores the significance of understanding your audience's preferences and tuning into the data to make informed decisions regarding content delivery.

Utilizing iPhones and Special Apps

MacDonald underscores the accessibility of podcasting technology, particularly on smartphones. He highlights the pivotal role of the iPhone in recording audio and video content, irrespective of the availability of professional recording equipment. Additionally, he introduces a special app, Adobe Podcast, which he asserts has revolutionized the capability to enhance audio quality in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

Enhancing Audio Quality with Adobe Podcast

The Adobe Podcast app is heralded as a transformative tool for elevating the quality of recorded audio. MacDonald elaborates on the process of uploading audio files to the app for processing. Post-upload, the app applies advanced technology to recreate the voice in a studio-like atmosphere, enabling users to enhance the audio from 10% to 100% as desired. By explaining the technical features of the app and its impact on audio quality, MacDonald demystifies the process and empowers aspiring podcasters to enhance their recordings effectively.

Learning Audio Techniques and Environment Manipulation

MacDonald shares insights into his personal journey of learning about audio techniques and manipulating recording environments to achieve optimal sound quality. He emphasizes the significance of understanding sound levels, recommending a range of negative six to zero dps for optimal audio output. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of controlling the environment through the strategic placement of sound panels and curtains to minimize audio reflection and echoes.

Embracing Consistent Content Creation

Highlighting his dedication to consistently creating content, MacDonald encourages aspiring podcasters to prioritize the quality of their content over its duration. He emphasizes that relatable, emotionally engaging content will capture and retain the audience's attention. He underscores the significance of creating a sequential narrative in the podcast episodes, linking them together in a cohesive and intentional manner to keep the audience engaged.


In conclusion, MacDonald's insights provide invaluable guidance for aspiring podcasters looking to elevate their audio quality and create impactful content. By leveraging the capabilities of smartphones, embracing innovative apps, and learning about audio techniques, individuals can overcome financial constraints and technical barriers to create studio-quality podcast audio. Armed with a deeper understanding of the podcasting landscape, aspiring podcasters are empowered to tell their stories and engage with their audiences in a meaningful and immersive manner.

By following the step-by-step process outlined and embracing MacDonald's philosophy of prioritizing quality content creation, podcasters can lay the foundation for a successful and impactful podcasting journey. With the right tools, knowledge, and dedication, anyone can harness the power of technology to share their stories and insights, enriching the podcasting landscape with compelling and resonant audio experiences.

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